"Phoebe Legere is a transdisciplinary artist. Her multi-format artworks issue from a powerful and intimate internal voice."
~Brooklyn Rail

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Phoebe Legere Paintings Sell Out in Cultural Center Show * Live Music Performance by Maestro Phoebe Today


Thank you to the Board of Directors of one of oldest houses in America: The Dwight Derby House (1651) 

Thank you for inviting me to share my paintings in such a timeless, classic environment!! I showed several paintings that celebrate my New England Native American heritage — note: General Derby was shot through the heart by an arrow on the front porch of this fabulous house! 

My painting of Mary Rowlandson has been acquired  for the permanent collection. I sold 3 paintings including the Art Lovers and I had a marvelous time! 

Painting: ART LOVERS By Phoebe Legere

Check the Medfield Cultural Council website for updates! I’ll be on WCAP with Hartley Pleshaw at 12:03 today. All proceeds to Foundation for New American Art.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Phoebe Legere * ONE-HUMAN ART & MUSIC SHOWS * Launching This Weekend!

Phoebe Legere #Art Opening - 5 - 7, Friday, Sept.24th Dwight Derby House, 7 Frairy Street, Medfield, MA  02052 

Phoebe Legere #Music Concert - 4 pm - Saturday, Sept. 25 - Medfield State Hospital Concert Stage, 100 Service Road, Medfield, MA. Special Guest: George Leonard 

Multidisciplinary Event Curator: @RonGustavson. 

Phoebe Legere announces, "I'll be on the Hartley Pleshaw #radio show @WCAP Sept 25 from 12:05 - 1pm talking about the ongoing Charles River Restoration  as well as talking about my celebrity lovers, my visual philosophy, and the importance of good songs in a post-music world. 

"Sam Kopper, legendary music director from #WBCN, will be spinning my music at #WRIU 90.3  (New Englands most important non-commerical radio station.) We are blessed, we are honored, we are amazed by the power of art & friendship. I have two more One-HUMAN ART & MUSIC shows coming up:  Allentown Art Haus in March and Bundy Museum in Binghamton, NY in June


Here is my painting list: 

Queen Weetamoo’s Dream 

River Afternoon 

The Art Lovers 

Sunrise on the Charles 

Ron with Dancing Dinosaur

Medfield Fireman 

The Old Tree Near the Quinobequin River 

Horse in Party Hat at Norfolk Hunt Club

Swimming Toward Paradise

One-Eyed John Saves Mary Rowlandson’s Scalp 

Design for new Bonnet Fountain at Bonnet Park 

Strong River, Twilight 

Medfield Bacchanal 

Here is my song list: 

Hot Dogs and Firemen 

Freedom Loving Heart 

The Right Kind of Crazy 

You're Awesome

Hot Sicilian Pizza Boy 

Blue Canoe 

French Canadian Blues 

OK Cupid 

Let's Get Creative 

Thank You for Being Who You Are 

Shadow Child 


Sub Atomic Particle Blues 

I Love Myself When I'm With You 

Bye Bye Cutie Pie 

The Color Wheel Theme Song 

Dr. Phoebonacci 

A Time Before Twerking (I Remember) 

In Shipwrecks, Pianos Always Float

Said Phoebe Legere, "Sept. 25 I play for one hour and that's it. Then I sit in my lawn chair with my friends, eat Tofu Pups,  and enjoy the view of the Quinibequin River from the grounds of the  former Medfield Hospital for the Insane."


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Phoebe Legere : Three One-Woman Shows & A Film Festival


Legere was the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant in 2020.  September 24th-October 17  Legere will exhibit works created during her residency at the new MEDFIELD ART CENTER.

Legere's  installation is called:

“Journey to the Heart of Hometown USA - Art of the Charles River Watershed."


The following day at 4 pm, Sept. 25, Legere will perform her Performance Sound Art on the Medfield Arts Stage.


Phoebe Legere will have a multi-disciplinary One Woman show in the BUNDY MUSEUM  June 2022 in Binghamton, New York.

Arts activist Phoebe Legere is an NFT pioneer. She is a spokesman for culture on the blockchain. Phoebe Legere’s NFT’s utilize hand-drawn animation, 3D animation, painting, performance art, music composition and generative programming.

In August, Phoebe Legere’s NFT “To the Moon Catfish” was an Official Selection

of the Small File Film Festival in British Columbia. “To the Moon Catfish” includes material from Legere’s Conservation Game for Children: "Hooked." The game is built on top of the Ethereum network.

Small File art films address the problem of streaming media’s damaging effect on the planet. Streaming is responsible for 1% of global carbon emissions.

Legere is the President of the Foundation for New American Art Inc, a nonprofit 501 (c3) that brings free art, music, math, science and creative coding to the children of low-income communities.

Legere is the host of The Color Wheel, a TV show that teaches art, music, math and science to young children online.

Legere’s songs and art examine social justice issues, human impact on the environment, racial, ethnic, religious and gender equality and children’s rights.  




Above: Veiled Woman with Forbidden Eyes, Oil, 34" x 34", 2021

100% of the proceeds of this painting go to Afghan Women's Mission

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Phoebe Hemenway Legere: Art of the Charles River Watershed with Musical Performance to Follow: A Celebration of the Heart of Hometown USA

Phoebe Hemenway Legere’s Art of the #CharlesRiver Watershed ***(9/24) Phoebe Hemenway Legere, Medfield Cultural Council grantee (2020), will be showing her art at Dwight Derby House.

Journey to the Heart of Hometown USA:

Phoebe Hemenway Legere’s Art of the Charles River Watershed w/ Musical Performance to Follow

Artist, Composer, Educator, Phoebe Hemenway Legere, Medfield Cultural Council grantee (2020), will be showing her art at Dwight Derby House. 

September 24th, 5 pm to 7 pm, Dwight Derby House: You are invited to attend the Art Opening.

The following afternoon, Sept. 25th, Medfield Day, interdisciplinary artist Phoebe Legere will be playing her original songs at 4pm at Medfield Hospital. 

Legere’s “Journey to the Heart of Medfield” began with Richard DeSorgher, President Emeritus of the Medfield Historical Society.

Legere says: ”Richard told me fascinating stories about the history of Medfield. I learned about Medfield’s dedication to culture, to the environment, & to social justice. I was deeply touched by Medfield’s respect for and commitment to the humane care of the mentally challenged.

“I’m from Massachusetts, so I knew that the crème de la crème of 19th century American painters spent time in Medfield. Like Innes, Bunker and Sargent, I was carried away by the dance of sunlight on the Charles.”

Phoebe Legere’s “Hometown USA” paintings include: 

~ Captivity Narrative author and Puritan icon Mary Rowlandson runs, a ghostly apparition in a gorgeous field.

~ A handsome white stallion from the Norfolk Hunt Club prances in a party hat.

~ A Maenad from Medfield Hospital floats out of an upper story window to join an ecstatic Bacchanal.

*Artist Ron Gustavson of Medfield will also be showing his art in the Hometown Show at the Dwight Derby House.  

Ron is a member and former president of the Medfield Lions Club, the chair of the Cultural Council, and graduate of Medfield High School, attended Vesper George School of Art, and U. Mass Dartmouth.

*Also appearing on the inaugural music stage on Sept. 25 at Medfield Hospital will be Medfield virtuoso and educator, Shane Wood.

*All proceeds from sales of Phoebe Hemenway Legere’s Journey to the Heart of Hometown paintings go to her Foundation for New American Art, a 501(c)3 that brings free art and music lessons to the children of low-income communities.

Phoebe performing George Gershwin’s “Our Love is Here to Stay.”


Phoebe Legere is a Juilliard-trained composer of Native American, Acadian and Mayflower descent who plays seven instruments. She has a degree in art from Vassar College, an MFA from New York University and teaches Feminist Art at NYU’s Gallatin School. She is leading the way in the Art/Music/Math/Science/Painting/Animation/Metaphysical worlds with NFTs, and says, "NFTs are very short art movies that you own and trade."

Ms. Legere was a student of John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet and Morton Subotnick. She has collaborated with some of the most creative minds of our time: Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, David Bowie, and many more. She opened for her friend David Bowie on his National Sound and Vision Tour.

She has written a wide variety of hit songs including: “I Will Wait” for Kelly Chan (Certified Platinum, Sony) “Amazing Love” (Random Records, and “Marilyn Monroe” (Island) 

Phoebe has had numerous academic appointments including the School of Visual Arts where she invented a musical instrument, the Sneakers of Samothrace, a wearable computer for disabled children. She won the Buddy Baker Film Scoring Fellowship, the Acker Award and is a NYSCA and YADDO fellow. 

She co-wrote a work called “The Waterclown” about water issues and water rights which she sang with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Music).

She received a NYSCA grant to write “The Queen of New England, an experimental multimedia opera about the Massachusetts Native American Holocaust.” In 2004, Legere revived her 1992 political play with music: “Hello Mme. President” about the first female President of Color.

Her 2017 album Heart of Love went to #18 on the National Roots Music Radio chart.

Ms. Legere has recorded for Mercury Records in England and Epic, Island, Rizzoli, Funtone, Bernard Stollman’s legendary ESP Disk and Einstein records in the United States. She has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and HBO and prime-time television around the world.

"Phoebe Legere is an American original, she's fun, she's funny, she's smart, but the main thing about her is SHE’S GOOD" - Studs Terkel, National Public Radio.

“Legere plays the piano with enormous authority in a style that encompasses Chopin, blues, ragtime, bebop and beyond, and she brings to her vocal delivery a four octave range, and an extraordinary palette of tonal color and meticulous phrasing.” – The New York Times

"Phoebe Legere is a Transdisciplinary Artist. Her Multi-Format Artworks issue from a powerful and intimate internal voice, reaching out to connect to Being in all its multiplicitous forms.” - The Brooklyn Rail 




Saturday, September 4, 2021

Fascinating Twitter Feed By Artist Phoebe Legere * Don't Miss Out! Follow @Legere

Are you following Phoebe Legere on twitter? 

Do not miss a moment of Phoebe's fascinating tweets on art, music, NFT creation, coding, the environment, nature, painting, composing and much more.

Follow @Legere today!


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

NEWS FLASH: Phoebe Legere * Instagram * Recording Music * Nature, Beauty & More

 From Phoebe Legere's Instagram post:

"Recording with extraordinarily gifted musicians in a rural setting

of unparalleled beauty."

Follow Phoebe on Instagram:


Sunday, August 29, 2021

NFT Community, Collectors, Investors Clamor For NFT Art By Phoebe Legere

Phoebe Legere Reports:

"Let's Get Creative"
I use hand -drawn animation, 3D animation & my music to make NFT's.

Dark_Energy Paint, Poetry & Astrophysics// Music: Me singing my poem Dark Energy & playing my invented instrument, Sneakers of Samothrace - feat. Eric Mandat & the Tone Road Ramblers (Einstein Records)

Monday, August 23, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: Top NFT Collector/Investor Snaps Up Phoebe Legere's "Racerback" NFT

NFT Collector & Investor, Diktator56, just bought Phoebe Legere's latest NFT, "Racerback." The Legere NFT will look awesome with the rest of my cyberpunk collection, said the collector. For more on Phoebe Legere's art and the artist, please visit

Phoebe Legere is an Artist, Musician, Composer. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

NFT ART & ARTIST Phoebe Legere Drops Today * Auction for

From Phoebe Legere:

"Like you I'm deeply depressed about the abuse, suppression & killing of women & girls in Afghanistan. I'm dropping this #NFT at noon. Donating all proceeds to* (*supports grassroots #WomensRights efforts in #Afghanistan.) This is a large physical painting FOR SALE 34" X 34" - with a digital NFT Limited edition of 1. The auction starts today at noon".

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Phoebe Legere, A Featured Panelist and Exhibitor at Small File Media Festival August 10-21


2021 Second Annual Small File Media Festival

The Small File Media Festival return for a second year, presenting over 100 lovingly curated small-file works. Why? Because streaming media is killing the planet and is responsible for over 1% of global carbon emissions, a figure rising quicker than you can say “Alexa, play Old Town Road again”! 

The festival runs August 10-21, 2021, and will be held online, in person and at site-specific events across the globe with our partners the Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver’s VIVO Media Arts and Grunt Gallery, Los Angeles’ Film and Video Poetry Festival, and the Cairo Video Festival. 

NFT Artist Phoebe Legere was on hand as a featured speaker and panelist. Phoebe also showed her movie, "To The Moon Catfish" at the festival.