"Phoebe Legere is a transdisciplinary artist. Her multi-format artworks issue from a powerful and intimate internal voice."
~Brooklyn Rail

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Gallery * Opening Reception * Artist Phoebe Legere * Tonight In Chelsea * New York City


"My painting "They Are Coming Back_ oil, mixed media_2021_"60" x 70"

From the Series: Critical Issues in Biology and Shamanism

is in a Juried Group Show - 320 w. 23rd


Opening reception 6 - 8 today, Dec. 2nd.

We'd love to see you there!

NYC Studio Visits to see the whole Appointment

The show is 1/2 block past the Chelsea Hotel on 23rd."

Friday, November 19, 2021

Phoebe Legere Creates Giving Tuesday Fundraiser for the Foundation For New American Art 501c3 Nonprofit

Artist Phoebe Legere, founder & executive director of the Foundation for New American Art nonprofit, is determined to bring arts education and STEM learning programs to underserved children.

You can help out by making even a small donation to Phoebe's Giving Tuesday Fundraiser via facebook, or by donating to the Foundation via the website:

(All contributions to this 501c3 nonprofit are 100% tax deductible).


According to Phoebe Legere: “Giving Tuesday November 30 is global generosity day! It's the best holiday ever invented. Thank you so much to our donors and supporters. We need you now! We bring #music and #art to the children of vulnerable communities. We teach math, environmental respect and code fundamentals using games, color and songs! We know how to do it. Children are the future of Planet Earth. 

"If you can't afford to give money for gas and infrastructure, maybe you would like to volunteer. You can have wonderful fun with our children. They will teach you how to smile and laugh again.


“I'm trying the be bulwark against the Forces of Evil that are trying to industrialize, robotize and kill the human soul. Collaborate with us on Giving Tuesday - it is the best Holiday of the whole year.  We love you!,” said Legere.


Phoebe Legere created a Zoom production, “The Color Wheel” to help children learn how art and music work with science, technology, math and engineering to make the

world go round.


Please consider making even a small donation to this noble effort via the facebook page

or through the Foundation website.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

PAINT ALONG WITH PHOEBE! Art Event! October 31! Celebrate With Artist Phoebe Legere!

Paint Along with Phoebe -This Sunday, Oct 31 Sunrise, 

at King Philips Trees 

Details and address for this free event on my FB page-#Children welcome age 8-12 but must be accompanied by a parent -Come as you are -#abstract #figurative #ipad, #oilpainting  #drawing -This is an Homage to King Philip #NFT dropping on @openseatonight #Bipoc All proceeds to our nonprofit - learn more @umuseum #NFT community Party at Dwight Derby Hours: 1pm -4pm.  7 Frairy St Medfield, MA


Says Artist Phoebe Legere:

“We'll be starting at sunrise. We'll probably paint until noon. Then we'll go back to the Dwight Derby House for a party. We'll have food, wine and music (Musicians TBA)  It's all #FREE and I am looking forward to a day of great experiences. 


“I painted Metacomet (King Philip). I interpreted the only known drawing of him. It is almost overwhelming to IMAGINE the physical magnificence of King Philip, Chief of the Wampanoag, Grand Sachem, Spiritual and Military Leader, heir to the Crystal Throne, heir to all the sacred objects, wampum history and lands of the most spectacular waterfront property on Planet Earth. 


“Look with wonder at the Royal Full Blood my brush conjured. It is wrong to SPEAK the name of one who has departed this life for the Happy Hunting Ground, so please forgive me for saying: Metacomet! Ah Ho!” 

Friday, October 29, 2021

Artistic Trailblazer, Pioneer Phoebe Legere Victim of Gender Bias as Noted By Linda Nocklin

Phoebe Legere's recent social media post has received the support of thousands. We just had to copy and paste it here. Artist and musician Phoebe Legere is a legendary trailblazer and pioneer who puts Art into Everything She Does: 

"My brilliantly gifted parents trained me to be an artist from childhood. Everyone expected me to be an artist. I started playing music professionally because I could play music at night and paint with the sun during the daytime.  By chance, Michael Jackson’s people heard me sing in a little club. I was signed to Epic/Sony. 

"During the day I used to take my paintings around to Boone and the other blue chip galleries. The gallerists would just laugh at me. Females were treated like dirt in those days. There was no chance for an emerging female artist. Everyone knew: female artists didn’t sell. 

"My advisor at Vassar College was the legendary feminist Linda Nochlin. She wrote: 'Why have there been no great female artists?'

"That gender bias hurt like hell. I knew I had what it took to be an important American painter. I was friends with major male painters. They did nothing to hook me up. Young people need help. Not only did male artists not help me, I was bullied for my creativity and originality.

"I look at the work women are doing now. Wow! Women are so strong. All we needed was a little encouragement. 

"You can’t get caught up in bad memories or you won’t be able to paint with joy. It is not good to come from a place of rage all the time. Ya gotta forgive. Gotta load up that brush and dance girlfriend!"
                              ~~Phoebe Legere

New Paintings From Phoebe Legere:

Monday, October 18, 2021

Recent Post from Phoebe Legere's Instagram Page / Follow Phoebe @phoebelegere Art, Artist, Painter, NFT Creator & Maker

It's Exciting To

Follow Phoebe on Insta at @phoebelegere 

Studio Visits Are Coming Soon! Check to learn more!

Naked in Paradi$e - Adam and Eve contemplate upgrading to 🍎 iPhone 13. #NFT #Damned#Binary #Snake Music: You Devil by Legere @parishilton  @sothebynft@nftgallery @nftcollector @female@artistoninstagram @art @drawing@visual @nyc@reptilecollector@opensea @chashama

Fish Singing in the Plastic Gyre_Oil, Honey, Saliva_2021_Legere #art #artistsoninstagrampainting #yaddo #Legere

Bison_Acrylic_2021 #Chashama #Yaddo #Environment#Art #paintersoninstagram

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Phoebe Legere * YADDO *John Kelly * Brooklyn Event Party Reunion * Residency Artists Arts Happening

 Phoebe Legere:

"@YADDOTODAY party pix! The Yaddo party at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn was SO GOOD. Leave it to YADDO to throw a marvelous party. Here I am with profound & beautiful performance artist @JohnKelly... ...and...with my pal in participatory multidisciplinary art Mark King. BTW YADDO is an artist residency in a castle in Saratoga Springs where one meets art & soul mates."

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Phoebe Legere Hosts Free Art Event: Global Paint-In Set for Halloween

OCT. 31! WOW! FREE! 

Join us in person or online for a PAINT-IN at KING PHILIP'S TREES! 

On Halloween! After having a wild party in Medfield, Metacomet, also known as King Philip, celebrated by singing and riding around the King Phillip Trees on a beautiful black horse. 

Then the warriors held a feast. We remember Chief Metacomet by looking respectfully at his trees. Children are very welcome! Drum Circle TBA. 

This is a spectacular community CLOSING EVENT for Phoebe Legere's Journey to the Heart of Hometown! at Dwight Derby House 

Visit the Facebook Event Page for more information:

NOTE: We'll have a VIRTUAL FEED of King Philips Trees so that our GLOBAL ARTIST FRIENDS can draw and celebrate w/us!  





"Journey to the Heart of Hometown" with Artist Phoebe Legere at Dwight Derby House

 "Journey to the Heart of Hometown"

Oct. 31. noon- 5pm, Dwight Derby House, 7 Frairy St. Medfield, MA

"Color! Romance! Imagination! Legere's virtuoso paint brush conjures the violence and beauty of Medfield's hidden history." Open Sat. & Sun. through Oct. 31st noon - 5 pm. at Dwight Derby House, one of the oldest houses in American, built 1615." 

FREE Learn more about the art of Phoebe Legere at All music © Phoebe Legere and available at Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, etc!
Learn more:

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Phoebe Legere Paintings Sell Out in Cultural Center Show * Live Music Performance by Maestro Phoebe Today


Thank you to the Board of Directors of one of oldest houses in America: The Dwight Derby House (1651) 

Thank you for inviting me to share my paintings in such a timeless, classic environment!! I showed several paintings that celebrate my New England Native American heritage — note: General Derby was shot through the heart by an arrow on the front porch of this fabulous house! 

My painting of Mary Rowlandson has been acquired  for the permanent collection. I sold 3 paintings including the Art Lovers and I had a marvelous time! 

Painting: ART LOVERS By Phoebe Legere

Check the Medfield Cultural Council website for updates! I’ll be on WCAP with Hartley Pleshaw at 12:03 today. All proceeds to Foundation for New American Art.