Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Phoebe Legere at Maker Faire Bay Area May 15-17

Phoebe Legere exhibits her new alternative fuel 15-person Ride-Able Sculpture, THE SHAMANCYCLE, at the Maker Faire, May 15-17, San Mateo Event Center.

NYC Phenomenon Phoebe Legere creates renewable ENERGY ART with a message:

The Shamancycle is a Monster Eagle with flaming eyes, created from up-cycled metal from car crashes. "I re-purposed the agony of twisted metal I found in California junk yards. I transformed pain and death into a sculpture that is a symbol of vision, hope and freedom," said Legere.

Made from reclaimed and repurposed metal parts, The Shamancycle was imagineered by Phoebe Legere and fabricated at Curious Forge. For more info, visit phoebelegere.com and watch a brief clip on The Shamancycle at: https://vimeo.com/107261661 

Here is the coverage from sbomag.com on Phoebe Legere's Shamancycle at Maker Faire:

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