Monday, November 9, 2009

East Village*Pyramid Club*Glitterati*

MONAD was too intelligent to meet the stringent standards of dumbness set by the corporate music hegemony.... but we were the first band ever to perform at the legendary PYRAMID CLUB...on opening night! After that we were the Pyramid house band.

We performed for ANDY WARHOL, GEORGE PLIMPTON, KURT VONNEGUT, DEBBIE HARRY, JOEY RAMONE, JOHN KENNEDY JR, ALLEN GINZBERG, HUNTER THOMPSON, PETER BEARD, DAVID BOWIE, MADONNA, ROD STEWART and thousands of beautiful nobodies, porn stars and perverts, executives and sex freaks, skinheads and dope fiends. Monad was one of the hottest bands in the East Village; photographed by Scavullo, videotaped by Larry Rivers, and recorded by ROIR records. Monad combined contemporary classical music, improvised jazz, computer music, painting, and poetry with rock n’ roll. We called it “total art synthesis.” We were working the continuum between mythology, science, painting, and fashion.

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