"Phoebe Legere is a transdisciplinary artist. Her multi-format artworks issue from a powerful and intimate internal voice."
~Brooklyn Rail

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Help Phoebe Legere Find Sponsors For Her Educational, iPad-Ready Children's Show

In the Words of Phoebe Legere: 

"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl. This photo from days gone by just turned up on Instagram. I was rather surprised to learn that it is a photo of me. The photo reminds me of why I fight so hard to nurture the visionary artists of tomorrow. When this picture was taken nobody would help me because I was a young female composer and artist. 

"The term 'Emerging Artist' hadn't even been invented. LOL. When the men who ran the music and art worlds saw a young female artist coming into view they had but ONE thought: "How can we break her, rape her, steal her ideas and kill her dreams?" #Sony #EpicRecords Hey People. It's just the way it used to be. But please, let's not dwell on the sorrow and abuse of yesterday!

    "Instead, let's remember that our young artists are cultural treasures. Why? Well, number #1 because young artists are so idealistic. They believe that art and music can change the world. Emerging Artists wouldn't sell out if you held a gun to their head. Please consider a donation to the Foundation for New American Art. 

"And if you can't spare a dime consider helping us to get sponsors for our new Made-for-Ipad Childrens Educational TV show! We'll give you a 10 percent commission on ANY sponsor you bring in. We'll build a lesson around Your Sponsor AND we'll thank you in the credits! Just leave it to me. We nurture the visionary artists of a tomorrow," said Phoebe Legere, Founder and President of the Foundation for New American Art.  

Photo: Eric Kroll