Monday, May 13, 2019


Phoebe Legere Performs in Sunapee, NH, May 31
(Singer-songwriter/educator w/Abenaki & Acadian roots )
A Benefit for the Foundation for New American Art,
A nonprofit that brings Art and Music to the children of Low-Income communities.

Phoebe Legere will be performing at Sunapee Coffeehouse on Friday, May 31, at 7 pm.
Sunapee Coffeehouse is at 9 Lower Main Street, in Sunapee, NH  03782.
Ticket price: Donation to Phoebe’s Foundation for New American Art
For more information, please visit or call Vic at 603-446-3426 x 11.

The Facebook event page is:

Phoebe Legere is a legend. She is known for her virtuoso musicianship and her spellbinding songs.  Phoebe performs her original hits “Marilyn Monroe” and “Amazing Love” along with classic  Cajun, Gospel, Blues, Jazz,  Abenaki and Americana favorites. 

Phoebe Legere’s Deep Connection to New Hampshire.

“I learned to ski on Mt. Sunapee. I know that mountain like the back of my hand. Some of my happiest memories are of Mt. Sunapee and the beautiful views from the top of the mountain. I started skiing around the same time I started playing music – at age 3.”

“The Great Spirit speaks to us in the trees, in the rivers, in the mountains, in the stars, in the amazing animals, and in the people of New England. We’ve been here a long time. One day, I too will lie in the good earth of New England. This is our sacred ancestral homeland,” says Legere.

“In my show I tell the story of how the seeds of Rock, Blues and Jazz can be found in the Abenaki and Mi'kmaq medicine songs of New England and Canada. These ancient, healing melodies permeated the music of the early Acadian settlers. When the Acadians were forced to migrate to Louisiana Native American songs became the bedrock of America’s greatest cultural treasure – American Rock, Blues and Jazz. Music itself is an immigrant. It can pass through walls and borders.”

Phoebe's latest album, HEART OF LOVE, reached #18 on the ROOTS Charts.

The singer/songwriter is touring in her Visionary Van to raise money for her nonprofit Foundation for New American Art (FNAA) that brings Art & Music to underserved children. Phoebe Legere is the founder and executive director of the FNAA. The FNAA activities for the children restore this curriculum in low-income communities whose schools have cut or eliminated Arts Education programs. As Director and Conductor of the Lower East Side Children’s Chorus Phoebe Legere is keeping indigenous American folk traditions alive.

Legere has performed thousands of shows from Country Fairs to NPR, from Folk Festivals to the Pow Wow circuit, from Songwriter Circles to a CBS Sunday Morning feature when she won First Runner-Up in Americas Hottest Accordionist Contest in Branson, MO.  

The New York Times raved about Phoebe’s piano chops, but  it was her work on the accordion that rocketed Legere to national fame and brought the accordion back in the national consciousness as a joyous, rockin’ instrument of delight!

Legere has played with Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Steve Martin and John Hartford and Phoebe collaborated with Hunter Thompson on a number of outlaw art performances. She studied music composition at Juilliard and the Philosophy of Art at Vassar..   

This is a rare opportunity to experience Phoebe’s intellectual, comedic and musical range in an intimate environment.

All proceeds from the show go to Phoebe’s nonprofit Foundation for New American Art, a 501 c3 organization that brings Art and Music to the children of low-income communities.