Friday, June 15, 2018


Phoebe Legere Will Make Your Heart Sing!

6/28  8pm
The Falcon
1348 Route 9W
Marlboro, NY 12542


Phoebe “Songbundle” Legere is a virtuoso piano player who has mastered seven instruments. Phoebe is an award-winning accordion player, a folk-blues guitar stylist, a powerhouse vocalist, and an award-winning songwriter.

She brings her musical style, grace and substance to The Falcon in Marlboro, New York, on June 28.

Legere is an Acadian, and like all Acadians she is métis, a racial hybrid of Native American and French. Phoebe Legere is passionately devoted to preserving the folk music traditions of the Acadian ("Cajun"), Abenaki and Mi'kmaq people.

As a child, Legere spent summers with her Legere cousins in Louisiana, speaking French and absorbing the rich and robust traditions of Cajun country. It was there that Legere began to notice striking parallels between Cajun music, Early Jazz, and Indigenous Canadian traditional songs. 

The taproot of Jazz and Cajun music goes deep into the soil of North America. (Jazz was invented by a Cajun whose real name was Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe…better known as Jelly Roll Morton!) Legere’s show on June 28 reveals the rich, indigenous and spiritual roots of Jazz and Cajun Music.

Legere and M’ikmaq scholar Pritchard will be presenting some of their amazing musical discoveries June 28 as part of a new Native American series called Tribal Harmony at The Falcon.

“I will be playing the spoons, accordion and the beautiful grand piano at The Falcon while Evan plays guitar and the Geegumondeedesk, a pre-spoons percussion instrument made from a single piece of spit ash. 

"We both play Native American cedar flutes and we'll be doing songs from my CD Children of the Dawn in addition to some of Les Grandes Chansons françaises. We Native Americans and the French are ancient allies, lovers, comrades and friends! .We'd love to see you June 28, by the waterfall, at the FALCON in Marlboro, NY."

Phoebe Legere (


“Phoebe Legere is the female Frank Zappa.” ~~ Billboard

“Her voice will take your breath away.” ~~ NPR

“ Echoes of Edith Piaf.” ~~ The New York Times

PHOEBE LEGERE fronts a family-friendly ensemble that blends elements of Acadian, Abenaki, Cajun, jazz, country, folk and blues into a spicy gumbo.  A standard bearer of the Abenaki/Acadian renaissance, Legere is descended from one of the original Acadian families in North America, she is a direct desendent of Madockawando, and a Mayflower descendent several times over.

She is a citizen of Turtle Island, equally Canadian and American, white and Native. Phoebe Legere is a walker between worlds.

Phoebe Legere has released fifteen CDs of original and traditional music. Legere’s 2015 ACADIAN MOON was added to over forty radio stations in Canada.  Her full-length Americana album is called Heart of Love. It shot to #18 on the National Roots Chart in 2017.

Legere is now recording in Montreal for the iconic Artic Records label. Legere blurs the lines between music composition, visual art, performance, community organizing and political activism. 

Legere has appeared on National Public Radio, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC, NBC, PBS and Charlie Rose.  She has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and at the Congrés Mondial Acadien. In 2014 Phoebe, received the prestigious Acker Award for Excellence in the Arts. 

Phoebe Legere is a community activist and Executive Director of the Foundation for New American Art, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

FFNA brings music and art to the children of underserved communities. FFNA is an underwriter of Theater for the New City's Arts-in-Education afterschool program; FFNA is provides scholarships to the DelRay Arts Garage's Art in Sound Chorus for low-income children, provides support, materials and teachers for South Mountain Art Camp on Ruhe Farm.

For more information about FFNA's Lower East Side Children's Chorus write to 

Phoebe Legere plays seven instruments. She is a virtuoso piano player, an award-winning accordion player, a folk blues guitar stylist, a powerhouse vocalist, and an award-winning songwriter. Her recent play SPEED QUEEN at Dixon Place was a triumph.