Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Phoebe Legere Poem Anadromous!

by Phoebe Legere
Striped Bass proceed upstream
To the Stately Headwaters of the River
Riotous ritual spawn
Water Sex Dance
Turbulent Bubbling Climax.
Eggs by the millions
Float downstream,
Released, Fertilized and Ready
Tiny sightless proto-babies
float past great buildings
and monuments of Manhattan
Insouciant unborn Stripers
Still in slumber
shepherded by Muhheakantuck
Infants float past
Gargantuan Towers,
Cherry Trees of Riverside
Float past the penthouses
Float under bridges,
Float in a transpersonal state - a priori
The eggs, tiny eyeballs
Still looking only
at the Heaven within,
floating in procession
carelessly past Wall Street,
Devilish land of illusion
It is nothing to them,
Still unborn
The eggs pass Lady Liberty,
Great Goddess Unworshipped
At the first whisper of salt,
Tiny embryos of possibility
hatch into majestic life.
O the magic of Gluskabe
and his endless transformations
Planet Earth
All Hail the Mighty Striper born
In the Miraculous Womb
Of Muhheakantuck
SALMON Painting By Phoebe Legere