Sunday, December 27, 2015


By John A. Wilcox

Nice venue. Never been. Friendly & lots of wood. I like that. Opening for Martin Barre was Phoebe Legere. In case Legere is new to you - singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist / artist. 

Bottom line: great voice. Incredible player. Fun songs. Legere started on keys and immediately grabbed everyone's attention. She could most definitely play! Wrong Honky Tonk had a wry, engaging sense of humor about it that drew you in and kept you there. 

Legere switched to accordion and flew through OK Cupid. It was a hilarious piece about love on the internet. Truth served up with a grin. The crowd was loving it and so was I. Legere touched on her Native American roots with Blue Canoe Blues (not to mention some wicked good guitar!). 

Her too-short set finished with a sexy/funny observational song called Men From The Boys. Legere totally owned the stage every second she was on it. I need more & I need it as soon as possible!