Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Phoebe Legere Takes Over The Music Business

In Phoebe's own words:

"WE ARE the Music Business. Yesterday I went shopping for speakers to mix my new CD - the new technology is AMAZING-- the bass and detail you can hear in affordable speakers today rivals the 6 ft tall 6000 dollar speakers of twenty years ago. With my Laptop and Logic X I can do anything- 80 tracks? 
No problem. A compressor on each vocal? No problem. Laura, the salesman, on right has a great vibe. On left my friend and co-conspirator Mick "McMike" Oakleaf - former Senior Engineer at Sony Studios. Thank you my friends for your emotional support in this amazing Canadian moment. We are delivering my Cajun/Acadian opus to Canadian college radio next week!" — with Mike Oakleaf

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