Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Hello! My name is Phoebe Legere, Executive Director of the New York Underground Museum (NYUM).

Did you know that we run a two- week free Art Camp for the VISIONARY ARTISTS of TOMORROW ? It all happens in the public gardens and non-profit spaces of the Lower East Side of Manhattan!

For the past 7 years Art and Music programs have been slashed in low-income schools. 

Our NYUM Art Camp is a two-week free program for the underserved, disadvantaged children of New York. We foster self-esteem and self-awareness through creativity.

~We coach children on self-respect and healthy self-expression. ~We provide art materials and techniques, theater games, singing and basic music theory.
~Our teachers are visionary artists and musicians. 
~Every day of camp we provide a nutritious free lunch of super healthy food and juice.

New York City ghetto life can be very tense. Many children live in a constant state of fear. Stress, tension and fear lead to gangs, crime and drugs.

Our motto is
Brushes not Guns! We believe that music, art, creativity and imagination increase intelligence, heighten interpersonal empathy, and teach empowering problem-solving skills. Art transmutes violence and pain into harmony and beauty.

We teach drawing, painting, singing, keyboard. and theater. We believe passionately in our power to teach conflict resolution through creative expression!

NYUM Art Camp fosters self-esteem and self-awareness; tolerance and self-reliance.   We embrace the whole child, their dreams, their beauty, their goals and their inner and outer experience.

Please make a year-end gift so more children can experience the art and music that are denied them in school
. If they have some exposure to art and music it is critically important to continue their encounter with the arts all year long. We nurture the Visionary Artists of Tomorrow!

~Your tax-deductible gift of
$20 will buy art materials for a gifted young child.

~Your gift of $35 will ensure that each child has a nutritious lunch, with fresh juice every day of art camp.

Press the donate button now. Your donation will give the magic healing gift of art and music!

~Just $20 will bring harmony, beauty and peace to the lives
of underprivileged Urban Children.

Thank you for taking the time to think about this important issue.

Art and Music are not just for the 1%.  Everyone deserves to have beauty in their lives.  You are our best advocate for Art and Music in the lives of our Children!

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