Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kickstarter Update on The Shamancycle ~ Underground Museum Foundation ~ NYUM Art Camp ~ Phoebe Legere

The Shamancycle - a Giant 10-Person Eagle Bicycle 
by Phoebe Legere
 Hello Shamancycle Donors!
 I am so grateful for an opportunity to say THANK YOU once more for your incredible generosity and vision! 
Last weekend The Shamancycle Story, directed by me, Phoebe Legere, played at a first run movie theater. I watched in awe as all of your names scrolled through in the credits. How totally amazing! 

And the Eagle looked awesome. What a movie star! 
We have big big plans for 2015.  We are hard at work adding the electrical assist, wind turbines and flexible solar panels.
We want to drive the Shamancycle right down the highway at 45 mph. We must take Shamancycle to school children all over America --- to show them the power of Art and the Imagination!

Let me know how I can support YOUR creativity. We are a Team. Team Shamancycle. We proved we can do anything. Write to me and let me know what you have been doing this year. I feel very close to each one of you. You are sooo special to me. 

Peace and Hugs, 
Phoebe Legere
Executive Director, 

July 10 - 26  Summer 2015
New York Underground Museum
The Un-Museum, A Fun Museum 
Where Visionary Artists Emerge

At the New York Underground Museum Art Camp we foster self-esteem and self-respect through creativity. There are countless evil forces out there competing for a child's attention.  Let us show them a world of beauty, spirit, vision and harmony.

Read more about our Arts In Education Summer Camp here

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