Thursday, October 23, 2014

PHOEBE LEGERE'S MONAD: The First & Original All-Inclusive Band

A big fan of Phoebe Legere's MONAD sent us this photo for our Phoebe's MONAD fan blog. We are so happy to share it with you! 

When Phoebe started her original rock group, there were no bands in existence that featured both sexes playing instruments. MONAD's invitation to play was open to all races. Record companies told trailblazer Phoebe, "You can't mix sexes and races in one band. Oh, and girls just sing."

The band went on to include other members who hailed from six of our seven continents--Everyone played instruments, danced and participated in art projects and performances on stage.

Phoebe Legere with one of her keyboards and members of Phoebe's original rock band MONAD

The only continent not featured in Phoebe Legere's MONAD was Antartica--maybe in the future!

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