Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Email From Kate and Billy...

From Phoebe's Facebook Page:
You begin to feel that being an artist is a like taking a sucker punch in the heart every single day, and then you open up your email and you get something like this, from "Kate and Billy" :

"Dear Phoebe, We stumbled upon a tape of yours in a thrift store in northern california..the songs have become our daily anthems..your musicality and perspective is transcendent with its pop undertones...we appreciate how your voice has affected have reminded us of the golden treasures that lay beneath the dust in a forgotten box of socks and tapes..the genius that lay waiting to be shared like another seed stratified on the cusp of spring...thank you for sharing yourself in a genuine way...smooches n pooches...toodles and us anytime and we will sing you your songs..p.s. we had never even heard your name mumbled in the cosmos, but your seemingly handmade tape spoke to us from the gald we are to have discovered your earlier works in their genuine format... we got a puppy named granpappy this winter and sang him 1000 kisses every morning..."

Right? I mean, can you imagine how I feel reading something like this after the constant rejection, death of 99% my best friends, betrayal, rip offs, discrediting etc. etc. - ? Thank you Kate and Billy, and thank you again and to all 579 people who downloaded my songs this month.
Photo taken 4 days ago in Provincetown by the amazing Photopoet Bobby Miller.
— with Bobby Miller.

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