Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eco-Friendly Giant Eagle Art Bike For 10: Phoebe Legere's ShamanCycle on Kickstarter

Phoebe Conceptualizing Her Invention: The ShamanCycle
We all know PHOEBE LEGERE as a transmedia artist, composer, writer, musician, activist, environmentalist, friend, global citizen, inventor, and now Phoebe is building The ShamanCycle!

Phoebe Legere's ShamanCycle is not just a form of art transportation; it is an eco-friendly Wright-Brothers-Meets-Leonardo-da-Vinci vehicle that can be used in villages around the globe to power a water pump, provide light,
One of Phoebe's early drawings of the ShamanCycle
juice for a computer, and much more. 

Please pledge $1 to help build Phoebe Legere 's visionary Eagle Bike. It has 
power to change
the world.

$25 donation gets this hat and more!

The rewards are cool! Here's the Kickstarter link to learn more:
Jeff working on The ShamanCycle at Curious Forge in Grass Valley, CA.
$35 donation on Kickstarter for this T-Shirt and more

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