Thursday, June 9, 2011


Great write up in Providence paper, The Phoenix, by Rudy Cheeks in his Cool, Cool World column on Phoebe's phabulous Underground Museum:
It begins...

When I last saw Ms. Phoebe Legere, she was smiling and waving goodbye from the backstage area of the Met, where she'd opened for my band the Young Adults. She had to wake up early, she said, to attend her niece's graduation at St. Mark's School in Southborough, Massachusetts.

The next time I saw Phoebe she was whooping it up at a celebration for the New York Underground Museum, an organization she founded in 2006. She had, in less than two days, morphed from musician to museum director. In her introductory remarks at the opening ceremony, she described NYUM as "a museum of friends, dead and alive, a museum of community, energy, buildings, people, music, art, protest, freedom, labor, work, and expression! It is a museum of subterranean, tipsy, aphrodisiac lovers and tumescent admirers of words, colors, and concepts. The museum is a safe space for improvisatory, shamanic, electric mind dances unfettered by banks, art dealers, speculators, and corporations." The assembled artists cheered.

Read the rest of Rudy's cool column here:

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