Saturday, November 3, 2012

We Are The Message. We Are The Music

 Reflections on Sandy from Phoebe's facebook page, posted around midnight, November 2nd when the power in the East Village was finally restored after 5 days:

This has been a great lesson for us. Trillions of electrons wash our clothes for us, transport us, make our music for us; electrons transform the dark and lonely night into a place of safety and warmth; and electrons create a fools paradise where corporate supermarkets bulge with abundance of exotic fruits, meats and vegetables. Ah Yes! But the complaint I heard most around the East Village was "My phone doesn't work. I can't get on the internet!" Electrons are the Web upon which our loved is laced - zillions of 1's and 0's fly at the speed of light across the globe, electrons form words of care and concern that race instantaneously from mind to mind! Oh my friends, we have learned that the hands that grant us access to trillions and trillions of electronic slaves are the hands that can plunge us instantly into hunger, fear, darkness and cold. But we have also learned another lesson: We can live without electrons. We have learned that We are the light. We are the message. We are the music. Above all we have learned the home truth that another body is the best lamp and the best heater on a cold night in November in the Northeast!! Ah Ho! Hello! Hello! Hello! We are still alive and we have grown. World Mother! Nature Mother! Great Spirit! We honor Your Power and Your Storm! Forgive us our trespasses! GREEN POWER NOW! Long Live the East Village! Long Live Downtown! Viva Nueva York!

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